Renata. It was such a blessing to work with you on our wedding day. You were with me from early in the morning as I prepared for the emotional roller coaster of the day ahead. From the get-go, you were warm, gracious and professional. I was grateful for your calm presence as my bridesmaids and I brimmed with excitement and reveled in the chaos. Because of your personable nature, I honestly felt like you were an old friend just helping me get ready. Right before Peter and I did our reveal, I found myself suddenly feeling extremely anxious and nervous. You were the only person with me at that time, and somehow were able to offer me reassuring words and comforting looks.

It is obvious that your work is so excellent and emotionally engaging because you truly care about the people you photograph and want to capture them in an authentic and pure way. You were so committed to getting amazing shots that you didn’t stop to eat a meal until late into the night. On top of it all, the images that you captured were absolutely stunning, elegant, artistic and timeless all at the same time. Truth be told, I think your pictures made our day look even more fabulous and magical than it actually was! We are beyond grateful for your commitment to excellence, brilliant artistry and consummate professionalism. We will enthusiastically be recommending you to friends and strangers alike. Thank you, Renata!



Renata – I just wanted to let you know what an amazing experience it was to work with you. The first time we met at 5 am on the Brooklyn Bridge for our engagement shoot, I had no idea what to expect. What ensued that day was the most amazing 5-hour photo adventure around NYC, complete with champagne, stopping traffic and multiple wardrobe changes. Greg and I had signed up for this adventure and, thanks to your ability to make us comfortable AND push beyond our comfort zones, we managed to get the most amazing engagement pictures.

The bar was set high for the wedding day and you did not disappoint. I had so much fun getting ready that morning with some very important women in my life and you managed to blend effortlessly with the girls and make it even more fun. Somehow, we even managed to forget you had a giant lens in your hand. ☺ Greg and I proceeded to have the best day of our lives, and you captured the most breathtaking shots. We will cherish these memories forever and will be forever grateful that you were there to capture those special moments!

Lisbeth and Michael_Wedding_Orienta Beach Club_001


Working with Renata felt very natural, effortless and relaxing. Her photojournalistic style and artistic vision combined to transform our vision into a beautiful and creative story. Equally important, her genuine, calm and even humorous personality lends itself towards making you feel at ease in front of the camera as well as let go of your inhibitions – perfect for an engagement or risqué shoot. I never felt like I was posing or being shadowed, yet confidently felt she was with me every step of the way. My favorite photos are the ones that seize the powerful but subtle emotions, like the moment your father wipes his eyes in joy or the pride a grandparent beams when you walk down the isle. She mindfully captures these moments, along with the beautiful details of the setting, without deviating the focus from you. The final product yields eloquently beautiful organic photos that invoke a conglomerate of emotions, just like the big day.



Dearest Renata – words cannot express the beauty of our wedding pictures. When we first met you at our engagement shoot, you immediately put us at ease with your professionalism and warmth. To be honest, we thought our engagement pictures were the most beautiful photos we had ever seen… until we saw the wedding pictures. They far exceeded our wildest expectations! Every photograph is so gorgeous and beautifully captures those special moments that bring us back to that wonderful day. We cannot stop laughing and smiling when we view the photographs, and our parents cannot stop crying happy tears. You managed to capture the most important moments and for that we are eternally grateful. We can’t recommend you highly enough! XOXO



Renata. Adam and I cannot express enough gratitude for your fantastic photography. It was also such a pleasure to work with you. Constantly looking for artistic and unique photographic opportunities, you did a phenomenal job capturing our wedding as well as providing exceptional pictures that took our breath away. Not only did you have enthusiasm throughout our entire wedding day, but you showed up at 5 am the next morning with a smile on your face (not an easy fete), ready to capture sunrise shots with us. We are thrilled to have the memories framed to show for it! We are so glad we got to work with you and know our wedding day would not have been the same without you. Many thanks again, Brooke & Adam



We thought we’d never find an engagement photographer to capture our vision. Not only did Renata give us beautiful photographs and was totally for the idea of a picture inside the fountain in Washington Square Park, she also managed to capture us in all facets of our relationship: loving, intimate, funny, playful, daring, urban… Renata, thank you for making us comfortable in front of your lens and for giving us unbelievable photographs from the intimate sunrise photo by Brooklyn Bridge to the playful picture in front of our favorite graffiti wall to the passionate action shot under a fountain of water! With your talent, in a few hours, you captured images that made people closest to us exclaim: ”that’s so you guys!”



My fiancé, Nick, and I had the opportunity to work with Renata during our engagement shoot in July of 2012. The day of the shoot was scorching, nearing 100 degrees, and I was worried about the heat and how it would affect us, the photographers and, ultimately, the photos. Renata, however, was cool as a cucumber, without a single complaint or crack in professionalism. Seriously, it was amazing! She worked tirelessly to keep the day moving as smoothly and comfortably as possible, getting some incredibly hot photos to reflect the mood of the day. She found really interesting ways of using the searing afternoon sun to our benefit and, looking at the photos, you’d never know what an intensely hot and humid day it really was.

I should also mention that not only was Renata professional, but she was also super kind, approachable, and easy to talk to, making us both feel totally comfortable in front of her and her camera. We are so grateful to Renata for a day we’ll never forget, and for the incredible photos we’ll have for a lifetime!

Engagement_Brooklyn Botanic Gardens


Renata. From the moment I stopped by your photography booth at the Martha Stewart Wedding Expo, your photo talent immediately caught my eye. We had an instant connection with you over the art of wedding photography. My fiancé and I were so excited to be working with you for our engagement shoot, knowing the results would be one-of-a-kind!

Throughout the whole process, you were so professional and helpful in providing all the information a couple could use when planning a photo shoot. There are so many aspects that we would have never even thought of, but you managed to make sure we had everything ready in advance! On the morning of the shoot, we persevered through cold, wind and bright sun, but it only made for better photo opportunities. You had a vision for the perfect shots to take and successfully achieved that, though at times you had to push us outside of our comfort zone!

Thank you for your patience and making us feel comfortable in front of your camera. We are so impressed with the photos, the colors, lighting and artistry! Also, you managed to make it look like we were all alone in the Botanic Gardens, while it was actually super-crowded! We appreciate you making this experience one to be surely remembered and we would highly recommended your services!



Your eye for captivating photos and your professional attitude really impressed us. We had such a fun engagement shoot with you. Thank you, Renata!

Renata Levine Photography Testimonial


Nick and I sat down to take a look last night and… Wow! They are absolutely stunning! You guys did such an incredible job and captured so many really personal, intimate and meaningful moments. Every single photo allows us to relive each beautiful detail/emotion/memory all over again. It was the most perfect day and, although it went by far too fast, these images are allowing us to continue relishing in the glow of it over and over again. I don’t think we can thank you enough, we absolutely love them! …Just speechless! They are incredible! There aren’t enough thanks and well dones in the world.

Post-Wedding Shoot_New York City_Central Park_Photography


Renata. Joel and I, our puppy Luka, and the entire Grzan and Bass families can not thank you and team enough for helping to make our dreams come true this year. You made us look and feel like our ‘best selves’ in every photo that you took – it was passionate, romantic, and most of all, crazy FUN! To describe your pictures as amazing is an understatement – you truly brought our vision to life with the most magical pictures that will now become a very special and lasting memory for us to cherish forever.

Our friends and family could not believe the end result (nor could we), and I am tremendously grateful for having met you. After a quick coffee chat, you immediately felt like a friend that I had known for years, and it was always so easy and effortless to work with you. You spoke our language, you listened to our ideas, you appreciated a good laugh with us, and most importantly, you had an uncanny ability to capture every single moment with a surreal level of creativity and color. Our pictures are by no means ordinary, and that’s exactly what we love about them. It was so important to us to work with a fun and talented photographer that would be willing to go the extra mile to find those perfect and unique shots. The end result is a collection of photos that exceeded our wildest dreams by leaps and bounds. Thank you so much for everything!

T&B_NYC Engagement_Times Square_Central Park_Photography-007


Renata – The engagement photos were very important to me. I searched forever trying to find the perfect photographer and I am so pleased to have found you. Thank you so much for bringing every idea I had to life! During the planning stages, you were very helpful and patient with me as I called and e-mailed numerous times wanting to brainstorm the perfect NYC locations for our props and outfit changes.

Never having been photographed before, Bryan and I were worried we would not look natural and ourselves in front of the camera, but your friendliness and helpful direction allowed us to simply have fun and play around! From climbing on the rails of the Brooklyn Bridge to hauling 8 oversized balloons around NYC and getting drenched in champagne in Times Square, the experience was absolutely amazing, and one we will never forget! We were so pleased and happy with the photos and have received numerous compliments from friends and family. Thank you for being a part of a special time in our lives. xoxo

J&D_Engagement Photography_New York-005


We can’t thank you enough! Every picture is more beautiful then the next and we could not be happier. We love them! You did an amazing job. We had a ton of fun and will never forget that freezing yet magical day of adventures in Central Park, stopping traffic on Fifth Ave and spraying Champagne in Times Square. With every step, you made us feel more comfortable and excited. We cannot wait for our wedding and more beautiful memories you will create with us. xoxo

Nigerian Engagement_New York


Dear Renata. Thank you so much for the stunning memories of our Nigerian Engagement. I knew I had found something special when I first saw your work at the Gotham Hall Wedding Expo. I just didn’t know how lucky we were to have you as our photographer.

From our coffee chat to the day of the event, I’ve felt very comfortable with you. I loved the energy and excitement you had when I told you about my event, and really saw your passion when you explained to me how you worked with your couples. I found you open, willing to work with me, and patient on arranging the details, especially when many of my answers were “I have no idea.” :)

At an extremely cultural event like our Engagement, there is a lot of detail to attend to, and I needed someone creative, engaging, and discerning, as well as able to go with the flow. I only knew I wanted someone to capture our marriage in a different way: showing who we really were while acknowledging the culture that we belonged to.

You and your associate completely exceeded our expectations. My preparation was fun and felt like I was having a friend going through the process with me. As the day evolved and details changed, you fit right into the culture and fanfare and adapted to any changes or requests with absolute grace. I also didn’t feel crowded, which was very helpful considering we were constantly surrounded by people!

Your artistic vision really brought out the best in us and our Engagement. We love these pictures. They are so beautiful and vivid, I almost don’t need to remember how the day went; they take me there instantly. They always bring a smile to my face.

Wale and I are honored and grateful to be your first Nigerian couple. Without a doubt, you will have many more! Molly

J&A_Engagement Photography_Brooklyn Bridge_Central Park-003


From the moment my fiancé and I met Renata over cappuccinos we knew we had found the perfect photographer for our engagement photos. Renata has this calming air about her that makes you feel like you have known her forever. Before our engagement shoot, Renata provided many great tips, tricks and outfit ideas to help us prepare. On the very early and chilly morning of our shoot, my fiancé and I were so nervous. Immediately, Renata gave us great direction and we had the most amazing time shooting on the Brooklyn Bridge and then later in Central Park. A few weeks later, the images that appeared in our inbox blew us away. The special moments that Renata captured are priceless.

Boudoir Photography_New York


I knew I wanted to do something special for my fiancé to give to him on our wedding night and a Boudoir photo shoot was just the right thing. I was very apprehensive about it, but after speaking with Renata and coming up with a game plan for the shoot, I became a lot more comfortable. On the day of the shoot, my nerves were at an all time high. Again, Renata’s calming attitude reassured me to have fun and just let loose. The images that came of this day blew our minds. Renata is a pure genius. Going into the shoot, I was only thinking of this as a gift for my fiancé, but at the end, this shoot truly was a gift for me as well. Taking these pictures with Renata made me realize that I am sexy and beautiful, it was definitely the confidence booster that I needed.

Wedding_Photography_New Jersey


Renata – Derek and I can’t thank you enough for capturing our big day in such incredible photos. Your photojournalistic style, artistic vision, creativity and professionalism are absolutely remarkable. Not only did you capture the big moments but you also caught the intimate ones when we thought no one was watching. Despite the weather, you constantly sought out unique locations and opportunities indoors and out to make our photos exceptional. Every photograph is stunning in a different way and allows us to relive those special moments. It was important for us to work with a photographer who had an eye for the unordinary and genuinely cared about us and our story. You surpassed our highest expectations and we are beyond grateful. Thank you!

Bermuda_Beach_Wedding Photography


Renata, you have been a dream wedding photographer! We initially got to know you during our engagement photo shoot and did not hesitate at all to make you the photographer for our Big Day! One of the best decisions we made.

Our wedding photos came out absolutely gorgeous – you captured all the sweet, tender, exciting, surprising and loving moments of that once-in-a-lifetime experience. Our friends and family were in awe of how interesting and diverse the photographs were. You also beautifully documented all the details of our wedding – place cards, reception décor, cocktail hour, etc. – the details we have worked so hard to create but barely got to enjoy on our wedding day.

You are such a pleasure to work with, whether in the midst of the craziness of a rehearsal dinner or at a 6 am sunrise photoshoot. Always a smile on your face, always with a unique vision, and even ready to get down on the ground just to get the most amazing shot of us on the infinity pool!

We want to frame EVERY single picture from our wedding! Renata – thank you, thank you! We now get to relive our amazing wedding day through your photography!

Boudoir Photography_Pregnancy_New York


Renata documented our wedding day beautifully, and we would not have wanted anyone else to capture the next important phase of our lives – our baby! Similar to our wedding photos, we were looking for unique, timeless and edgy maternity photos. An artistic boudoir photo shoot in a cool NYC hotel room was just our style! As always, Renata was phenomenal to work with and made us feel so comfortable throughout the shoot. We had a blast taking the photos, as she created a fun atmosphere with great music, relaxed vibe and awesome ideas. Our pictures are beyond amazing and we are going to treasure them for years to come. Our friends always say that we are so lucky to have such great photos. Our mantle is filled with all of the perfect memories that she has helped us capture, and we look forward to many more!

Indian Wedding Photography_New York


Dear Renata – my husband and I are so thankful that we had you capture the memories of our Big Indian Wedding (all several days of it!). Not only did you go through the troubles of traveling to our remote location in the Himalayas, but also you really connected with the members of our big family to understand their culture and capture all the important details of our traditions.

Thank you for working tirelessly days and nights to capture all the festivities. What was especially interesting is that in India, the bride and groom have different celebrations and may not even see each other until the very last moment. We don’t know how you managed to be at the bride’s and the groom’s side at seemingly the same time! :-) The results were amazing, and my husband and I had a lot of “wow” moments discovering only from your photos what was happening around us during those days.

These are the best photos of my life! So romantic! The colors are amazing, but the best thing is feelings, emotions and composition. We especially enjoyed the “day after” romantic photo session where we went into the fields and mountains to capture the moments of only the two of us together. Thank you for making us feel natural and relaxed in that beautiful environment.

NYC Engagement Photography_Strand Store


Renata came highly recommended by a good friend with excellent taste in photography, so my husband and I were so excited to have her take our engagement photos. Throughout our crazy 8-hour day shoot, Renata was cool, fun and, most importantly, extremely creative. The photos themselves turned out absolutely fabulous. Our families showcased them at our rehearsal dinner, and everyone believes they truly capture the essence of Alex and I as a couple. We couldn’t have asked for better engagement photos and will cherish them forever. Thank you Renata!

Boudoir Photography_New York


I have worked with several photographers in the past and working with Renata was a truly unique experience. Not only was I beyond satisfied with our final results, the entire process was really pleasant and fun. We did a Boudoir photo shoot in one of the oldest hotels in New York City. Renata came across as a true master of her art. She was very knowledgeable and directed me in the best possible way. She knew ahead of time what would work and what wouldn’t. She made me feel very comfortable and allowed to explore and get out of my comfort zone. She was 100% prepared and everything was flowing in a very smooth fashion.

The images were absolutely stunning. I feel that she was able to show the best aspects of me and hide the weaknesses. A true master has a very distinct taste and eye and Renata possesses both of those qualities. The photos turned out to be very classy, unique and natural. I would highly recommend Renata’s services and I am looking forward to working with her in the future!